80 A'Beckett Street Melbourne

Project Descriprion

Project Name: 80 A'Beckett Street Melbourne
Year: 2013
Main Configuration: 6mm semi-tempered gray glass + 9A + 5mm white glass / 0.38PVB / 5mm white glass
Hollow LOW-E colored glaze glass
Quantity / SQM: 10000
Project location: 80 A'Beckett Street Melbourne, apartment building

Glass Facades for Buildings

Low-E Coating Insulating Glass

Low-E glass is a green energy-saving building material produced by multiple coating layers of metal or other compounds on the surface of the glass using a vacuum magnetron sputtering process (which contains one or more layers of 10-20 nanometers thick metallic silver). Low-E glass has lower thermal conductivity and higher visible light transmittance.

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Heat Strengthened Glass

Heat-strengthened Glass is 1.6-2 tougher than ordinary glass, with flatter surface and less risk of spontaneous breaking. Once broken, the cracks radiate the glass without small piece, therefore the glass is still attached as whole piece without falling down. It is best used for curtain wall, shade and roof.

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Insulating Glass

Insulating glass is made by combining 2 or more layers of glass with desiccant filled in spacer in between, and sealed by silicone on all edges. Widely used on door, windows, roof, school, hospital, sport venues, tempered glass curtain wall, recording room etc.

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Company Profile

Grand Glass always focus on deep processing glass, accomplished projects all over Asia, and becoming well-known enterprise in this field. Grand Glass is running on top class facilities, most effective management system, various product series, ensuring best quality products for our customers. The sales service center of Grand Glass is all over the world.

Top class facilities: German Von Ardenne magnetic controlled sputtering Low-E glass production line, Finnish Glaston tempered glass production line, Austrian Lisec insulating glass production line, American Billco and Finnish Glaston fully automatic glass cutting line, they are the most advanced machinery in the world.