Application of digital printing tempered glass

Digital ceramic printer is the most advanced and multipurpose glass printing machine. This is perfect for auto motive, marine, interior-design, and exterior architectural glass, artwork, and appliances. The unique image processing software and digital ceramic inks make our high-tech printer go far beyond the limitations. It’s different from UV printing process, the color printed by UV can be brighter, but fade over time and can’t be tempered. The glass printing ink of digital ceramic printing and silk-screen printing from Grand Glass is high temperature ink, after being tempered, they will be stored for a long time without fading. It provides products of better flexibility, more speed, and high quality.

Digital ceramic printing technology on glass for unique wallcovering designs
Why settle for average walls, when nearly any wall is often a piece of art? Ceramic digital glass printing allows the user to create remarkable printed glass wall coverings to decorate the room in their house, office, or commercial space. Grand Glass’s digital printed glass will help you to attractive wall coverings that combine design with durability and high image quality to form any place special.
With digital printing on glass, the design options are infinite which will create your walls creative. Similarly, you can set the mood in your lounge room with amazing custom-designed decorative glass wall covers, shading your kitchen, or even washroom with a printed glass wall covering which is solid, handy, and super-simple to clean. You can use any design or image to make impressive pieces for the walls of your office space or printed glass feature walls. Printing on the glass will help you with a completely perfect look for the wall.

Printed glass shower walls and bathroom wall art
The bathroom is part of any lebensraum whether temporarily at a hotel or long-term in your home. It’s true that a bathroom is useful by nature and can be so much more by design. With the help of decorative glass on your bathroom cabinets, bathroom vanities, shower doors, or shower screens, can provide any bathroom an extra feeling of excitement and convert it into a calming or magical space.
Digital ceramic glass printing delivers a layer of privacy on glass shower doors (together with frameless shower doors) and shows attachments, for toilet wash panel designs, bathroom wall art, or simply for decorative purposes along the bathroom walls, ceiling or windows, and shower enclosures.

Digital ceramic glass printing for superb kitchen wall painting
At the point when it includes planning a kitchen with an individual touch, there are currently more choices than any other time in recent memory with carefully printed enriching glass. With a glass backsplash created utilizing Grand Glass 's advanced fired glass printing innovation, you get a perfect blend of shocking structure, reasonable simple cleaning, and durable sturdiness.
It’s incredible what printed glass printing can do the kitchen. It also helps to create the atmosphere and design you would like for print on the glass is super-practical and the most-used home space. It is easy-to-maintain tiled or wood-look effect design, deprived of all the cracks and gaps to wash. Otherwise, if you desire truly something unique, make a superb photorealistic art installation or mood-setting scene. With digital ceramic glass printing, it’s entirely possible.

The art of glass takes a contemporary turn with technology on digital printing tempered glass. From thousands of year’s colored glass are available while the stained glass windows have come around nearly. Before, such embellishing, bright glass was the away from holy places and different spots of worship. Less significantly, open buildings and the historical centers joined stained glass for windows and also includes vitrage. Be that as it may, presently, on account of digital glass printing technology stained glass design can bring lightweight and color to any sort of building space.

Whereas once after difficult process stained glass windows are an attractive, feasible option for any number of architectural projects. They have Up-to-date structures from private homes to office buildings and even restaurants are now taking advantage of digital ceramic glass printing technology to make superb and original glass windows of all sizes, at an inexpensive cost.

Amazing decorative glass for windows and glass door design
When you employ the powers of Grand Glass digital ceramic glass printing, a door can often a lot than an entrance, and a window much more than a section for light and air.

Digitally printed glass windows and entryways consolidate the best in structure with the best in surface completing for a modified touch to improve any space. You’ll construct durable, safe, and very stylish shop windows, home windows, or doors to any building or room, for private or business purposes with the help of print on glass.
Digital glass printings will you to make your home entranceway unique, or the perfect gateway to your pantry. With Grand Glass’s digital ceramic printing glass, you can create a full-length meeting room door, or also add a glass frame or border for a few modified flair.