Ceramic Digital Printing Glass Becomes The New Focus of The Market

Ceramic digital printing glass is made of glass digital ceramic printing technology. Glass digital ceramic printing technology is a digital printing technology using ceramic ink directly on outdoor or indoor decoration glass. The raw material of its high-temperature ceramic ink is composed of ceramic powder particles. The glass is cleaned and printed, and then dried at a low temperature of 150 degrees Celsius to partially volatilize the added organic solvent. After that, it enters the tempering furnace at 650 degrees Celsius to 720 degrees Celsius to temper the remaining inorganic ceramic powder particles from the ceramic ink. The high temperature of the furnace completely sinters the glass and eventually becomes part of the glass.
Digital ceramic printing on glass brings new possibilities for the decoration and improvement of flat glass. High-level style customization can be made according to the different needs of customers, and translucent and opaque glass can also be customized to adjust the light. Diffusion and transmission, calculation of solar thermal gain coefficient, electrical conductivity, slip resistance ability.

The ceramic digital printing glass produced by this technology has bright colors and high stability, is not easy to fade, is resistant to scratches, acid and alkali, and is relatively durable. Moreover, the ink used in the manufacturing process is an inorganic material, which has strong UV resistance. And ceramic digital printing glass is energy saving and environmental protection. The selected imported ink does not contain lead and chromium, and the digital glass glaze has good shading and heat insulation properties.

At present, it has become very common for glass to be used in large buildings. Energy-saving glass not only reduces the energy consumption of the building, but also allows natural light to enter the building so that the people in the building can enjoy the surrounding landscape through it. The openness created by glass is also unattainable by other building materials.