How to remove water mist in the middle of double glazed glass

1. First, see what causes the fogging of the glass installation. If the real glass is cracked and water enters again, glass is needed. It is best to find a professional construction staff.
2. The actual installation process of the audience glass window, the final glass window glue cracks, the time when the popular water vapor enters the glass window, as time goes by, the water vapor evaporates, and when the lens glass window contacts, it becomes a phenomenon of small water droplets. Need to install glass shards on the glass. It is to remove your own middle spacer, and then reinstall the spacer, but pay special attention to the distance between the spacer and the sticking position, and keep the edge of the glass window at about 2mm. Pay special attention to the fact that no water is stained on the partition bars when installing the glass window, so as not to affect the installation quality of the glass window.
3. Because of the temperature difference, it is recommended not to watch the water temperature difference when opening the window until the water vapor on the glass dissipates before closing the window.
4. The real installation time is not here, the master can take it apart, and then clean it with hydrofluoric acid in a small glass, and do an empty treatment again.
5. The real water mist takes a long time, indicating that the glass of the opponent has deteriorated and cannot be cleaned. Only replace with new insulating glass.
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