Introduction of Digital printing glass

The digital ceramic printer is a highly progressive and multipurpose glass printing machine and suitable for internal design and external architectural glass, marine, automotive, artwork, and other appliances. The digital ceramic inks and high-class image giving software make the high-tech printer go far beyond the limitations and costs of screen-printing and UV glass printing abilities; providing products of additional flexibility, additional speed, and additional quality.
Digital printing glass is prepared by heating ceramic paints into the surface of the glass during the moderating process. It creates glass break-resistant and weatherproof. Appreciations to the limitless variations of colorful print graphics and photographs, digital print glass facilitates photorealistic distinctive designs on glass for both internal and external uses. Big format photographs casing dull surface and containing from neighboring glass panels can be attained as well.

1. Safer

Safer is One of the most appreciated and obvious advantages of tempered glass. Tempered glass is tougher, so it resists breaking however once it does break, tempered glass shatters into blunt, small rock-like pieces, rather than the sharp splinters of old glass. The sharp fragments of consistently broken glass can reason for deep cuts and painful wounds and are very problematic to clean up carefully. The major reason for Choosing tempered glass is to avoid serious injury that can occur when glass breaks and keeps the people secure.

2. Stronger

Tempered glass is strengthened and also safer when it breakdowns. The means of strengthening of tempered glass are that it can face blows, uncompromising breezes, cuts impacts, and extra climate occasions. Since the resistance of tempered glass, it is often used in marketable settings and high-rise constructions where it can endure higher forces.

3. Damage and Scratch Resistant
Tempered glass is supreme for marketable windows and housing doors and, partitions, and doors, as it is additional scratch resistant and will stand up every day to use and wear and tear. Tempered glass is used for glass doors, show cupboards and windows confirm these surfaces stay perfect and clear for longer.
4. Heat Resistant

When an ordinary glass is put onto heat, it can abolish generating dangerous wrecks of glass to scatter. Though this process that tempered glass goes over underway grants it to sustain even at higher temperatures. This is one reason that treated glass is significant in bathrooms where contact with high temp water is conceivable.

5. Design Flexibility
Usage of tempered glass is in several unique and innovative applications. It is necessary for frameless shower doors and other frameless glass structures similar to marketable doors and partitions. These enhance the stylish and innovative effect on both housing and marketable spaces.

6. Pattern Options
The availability of Tempered glass is in a variety of patterns and designs to praise the distinctive taste and style. Frosted, patterned, clear-colored, and scratched options are open to confirm to get the creative, yet strong glass choice customers require.
7. Quality and Clarity
Tempered glass is also proposing crystal clear clarity, high quality, and exceptional results in a variety of settings. Whether they select tempered glass for strong windows, glass shower doors, glass doors, showcases or cabinets, they can be certain of the greatest clarity and quality. Through so various benefits, tempered glass can be the perfect choice for the business or home. 
Applications of digital tempered glass printing:
Security glass:
Industrial printing on glass is understood on thin layer solar panels, rear window heaters, and ceramic stovetops, though, they are merely manufactured by specific corporations. Digital print shops use inkjet systems for imaging on afloat glass, tempered and laminated safety glass. The last two are resulting from float glass which is today’s greatest used physical glass for windows and fronts.
Toughened safety glass is a tempered glass that is heated up to 650°C and then evenly reduced with cool air. When broken by outward action it will crack into small wreckages deprived of sharp edges. Skarpa mostly usage tempered safety glass which they buying from a glass dealer.
Sparing consumption
Following to great precision, the apparatuses of Virtue printers work with careful intake. Simply a few centimeters of the roll-material are haggard onto the print table and permanent by vacuum and, so, first, a few centimeters of material are lost at substrate changes. An ideal type of ink is presented for each use: 
• For move to-move applications on adaptable substrates Polytype Flex Ink.
• For combined roll-to-roll and flatbed applications Polytype Multi-Purpose Ink and printing on glass Polytype Vetro Ink. To decrease ink consumption for method printing, the server alters whole image data to RGB technology. The dusting of UV-printing heads is simply vital at the start or finish of the shift or after numerous hours of manufacture break and not as on further printing machines at the beginning of each new print job.