Laminated glass windows | Development of laminated glass

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The main components of laminated glass are processed by autoclave, intermittent or continuous vacuum lamination, on-site pouring and rapid fusion RF lamination technology. Laminated glass is widely used in the isolation of windshield glass, transparent window, business hall, etc. Laminated glass can avoid the stabbing and cutting of traditional glass when it is broken. The interlayer in the middle of the glass can make the glass aggregate glass fragments in case of damage, so as to reduce the harm of glass fragments to human body. The laminated glass can also be used to resist the attack of impact objects and penetrators. So it has the characteristics of safety, sound insulation and solar energy control. So there are also the characteristics of green products.
In the early period of laminated glass, nitrocellulose and cellulose acetate were mainly used as interlayer. Since 1938, laminated glass was used in automobile windshield by DuPont company, it was widely used, and also opened the prelude of laminated glass industry.