Super Energy Saving Glass Technology Exchange Meeting

On June 20, 2014, zhongshan grant industrial co., LTD. Shenzhen professional committee of the institution of civil building Windows and doors curtain wall in shenzhen jointly hosted the third generation of self-cleaning glass and energy saving glass technology exchange meeting, the meeting invited the relevant person in charge of government departments and industry associations, Windows and doors curtain wall, head of the expert, the decoration company, building designers more than hundreds of guests to participate in communication and site, discuss self-cleaning glass and super energy-saving glass design and application. 

At the national requirements for building energy efficiency improving environment, grant conform to national green energy saving development strategy, is committed to energy-saving, safe, high performance, green environmental protection product research and development and manufacturing, successively introduced a high-performance offline single silver low-e glass, double silver low-e glass, three silver low-e glass and energy-saving glass self-cleaning glass, and other products.In the technology exchange meeting, grant, introduces the latest research and development in the two fists products - the third generation of self-cleaning glass and super energy-saving glass. 

Self-cleaning glass is plated with special film system, after the sun has the degradation of organic matter and light induced super hydrophilicity, under the rain wash, can to remove loose dirt, achieve the clean glass surface of a glass.Grant self-cleaning glass has more than 10 years, independent research and development of the third generation communication conference self-cleaning glass products is based on the continuous research and development in grant's own technology innovation and improve the improve results.Compared to the first and second generation of self-cleaning glass, its stronger degradation ability, the hydrophilic can better, and easier to control production process, easier for mass production. 

Grant super energy-saving low-e glass is a major breakthrough, in the field of Chinese building energy saving glass is a kind of Low "heat transfer coefficient (U value) of low-e insulating glass, U lowest value can reach 0.62 W/m2K, it can fully meet the European and domestic Low energy consumption building, Passive House (Passive House) technical requirements.The product will grant ably high-performance low-e glass combined with online low-e glass, dramatically reduced the heat transfer coefficient of the hollow glass (U value).Again at the same time can give full play to the "off-line low-e coating glass" performance and characteristics of the color is rich, by selecting different models of color and off-line low-e coated glass products, meet different color, transparent, reflectivity and shading performance requirements. 

The technology exchange meeting held successfully, and effectively promote the grant of the third generation self-cleaning glass and glass products, further to witness the grant the company independent research and development and the innovation ability, strengthen the confidence of the new and old customers to cooperate with grant, for Windows and doors curtain wall experts, architect and project developers in the design and application of new building glass products offers a wider choice.