The 9th China curtain wall net annual reader activities

As the China construction metal structure association's official website - China's curtain wall, committed to become the leading media has extensive influence, not only focus on industry news and policy reports and communication, more use of over the years accumulated extensive readership, through the efficient way of data collection, is committed to through the way of data mining, trend and development of the industry internal heat. The 9th China curtain wall net annual large reader activities, launched in November 2013, our company as a representative brand in the field of architectural glass, smooth landing investigation activities, in this wish the event a complete success!At the same time, expect the results of the survey reflects the real effective 2013 each plate market sales, brand in the industry, for the majority of readers, consumers and buyers to provide authoritative brand selection, buying guide.For the industry development of manufacturer's market strategy, macro research provides valuable reference data, is also 2014 shen-mei brand promotion, acceptance of a new product sales.



Set up three awards, the study, carried out respectively by readers to vote, voted "my favorite curtain wall project", "the user first choice brand" and "the best market performance".

  Curtain wall project: my favorite is derived from the survey participants like or agree with the curtain wall engineering, indirectly reflect the curtain wall engineering and esteemed cooperated-builing curtain wall enterprise strength of the engineering.


  User preferred brand: from the survey participants like or agree with the product brand, indirectly reflect the product's brand influence in the market and the user agreement.

  User preferred brand: from the survey participants like or agree with the product brand, indirectly reflect the product's brand influence in the market and the user agreement.


Brand for reasons:

1, the association of registered member units, in their respective fields have a certain scale of operation of enterprises.

2, has a good reputation, the industry had not received bad complaint record companies.A complaint hotline: 400-60-400.

3, high exposure, to actively take part in large-scale exhibition association;Keen to participate in public welfare activities, pay attention to brand and marketing enterprises.

Shortlisted for the brand: baiyun chemical, hangzhou zhijiang, zhengzhou zhongyuan, dow corning, antai chemical, guangzhou new exhibition;Grant, guangdong king kong, south bo group, luoyang glass;Huachang aluminum plant, guangdong jianmei, luxe aluminum, yongchang aluminum, shandong China builds, shandong weiye, phoenix aluminum aluminum;Peace, xiao into mechanical, jinan tianchen machine, metalworking machinery, parker, jinan in shandong targa.Guangdong Kennedy lang, tylenol, Shanghai pine wind, paster, guangdong and, PuLiWei, etc.


Curtain wall engineering for reason:

1, the construction of the project before the curtain wall from domestic "top 50".

2, screening curtain wall engineering enterprise, the most representative has project cases in recent years.

3, engineering in curtain wall, doors and Windows material, design, construction technology, the advanced has certain representativeness.

Part for engineering contractor: rivers, zhongshan shengxing, shenyang yuanda, Beijing sanxin curtain wall guangdong, zhuhai, shenzhen gold crystal art, bohai aluminum curtain wall jiaru meetall, Beijing, Shanghai, etc.