What is the difference between Laminated Glass and laminated glass?

Glass products are becoming more and more popular and widespread in modern life. In recent years, the appearance of Laminated Glass and laminated glass has also attracted everyone’s attention. You should not know much about Laminated Glass and laminated glass. These two types of glass Although there is only one word difference, how much difference is there? Today, I will give you a brief introduction to Laminated Glass and laminated glass.

Laminated Glass and laminated glass

Laminated Glass, also known as laminated glass or vacuum glass, is composed of two or more pieces of glass. A layer of organic polymer interlayer film is sandwiched between the glass, and the glass and the interlayer film are bonded together through a high temperature and high pressure process. Glass product. Features of Laminated Glass

1, sound insulation

Laminated Glass is in a vacuum state, which can effectively block sound waves, eliminate noise interference, and create a quiet environment. It is suitable for places with high requirements for sound insulation and is often used for office decoration.

2, UV protection
In addition to sound insulation, Laminated Glass also has the function of filtering ultraviolet rays. It can not only protect the skin health of people working indoors, but also protect valuable indoor furniture, curtains, and displays from ultraviolet rays to prevent fading and cracking.

3, strong transparency

Laminated Glass has strong transparency. Even in the case of low outdoor temperature in winter, Laminated Glass is difficult to condense, ensuring a clear view.

4, good impact resistance

Laminated Glass is composed of two (or more) ordinary glass or tempered glass, which has excellent shock resistance. Commonly used Laminated Glass interlayer films are PVB, SGP, EVA, PU, ​​etc., which have strong bonding ability. Resist the continuous attack of hammers and knives. Some specially made Laminated Glass can also resist bullets and have strong resistance.

5, high safety performance

Laminated Glass has good anti-explosion and bullet-proof capabilities, is hard and wear-resistant, and is not easy to break. Even if it breaks when it is hit by a large heavy object, due to the strong adhesion of the intermediate film, the fragments will be connected together, and the glass surface is still smooth, which effectively prevents the occurrence of fragmentation and penetrating fall time. Ensure personal safety and high security.

Laminated Glass is mainly used in public places such as banks, airports, hotels, etc. because of its hardness and safety. At the same time, Laminated Glass has the advantages of transparency and sound insulation, so that it has unexpected good effects when used in home decoration.